About Rakuten MediaForge

Who We Are

From the beginning, we knew that consumers and advertisers would be the heart of our success.  Because of that we’ve designed all aspects of our business with the intention of creating positive and meaningful experiences for all affected by our work.

We are successful only when you are.  That’s why account executives are available 24/7, our reports are detailed and transparent, and our business models are tailored to your needs.


Where We Started

In 2006 we launched Rakuten MediaForge as a widget company.  It didn’t take long for us to gain traction, and find some fame with musicians, politicians and social media pioneers wanting to disseminate media online.

In 2008 the online ad industry was booming.  We saw potential for the product we’d already built and decided to jump in.

We knew the online ad industry would be a game changer for our company.  What we didn’t anticipate was that the capabilities our ads could bring to the market would be a game changer for the entire online display industry.


Why We Did It

We saw a problem when we entered the display ad market.  Ads were static.  We saw an opportunity to bring our interactive widget technology into the display advertising world.  We wanted to turn static calls-to-action into interactive media centers.  We wanted to bring entertainment and functionality to online ads.

We believed we could have a greater influence on consumers through interactivity and entertainment.


We Had Widgets Coming Out of Our Ads

In 2009, we launched our first interactive, personalized retargeting campaign.  We had created a new ad platform with our existing technology, and with it had caught the attention of advertisers and industry leaders.


What Followed

Attribution was becoming an industry-wide pain point.  We watched as advertisers and industry leaders became frustrated with attribution models that gave little insight, and left you wondering whether people converting ever even saw your ads.

We saw the need for something different, so, we went to work.

Our dev team put their skills to the test, and what they came up with was another industry game changer.  They created an advanced technology that could track engagements with an ad, and show its influence on the conversions that followed.

We had created a new metric, Post-Engagement.  The new model based on engagement meant that we only make money when you make money.  This is still our model, and our clients still love it.


Where We’re Going

In 2012 we were acquired by Internet giant Rakuten.  Joining with our sister companies, we became Rakuten Marketing, comprised of Rakuten MediaForge, Rakuten LinkShare, and Rakuten PopShops.

With continuously expanding capabilities, new product offers, and collaboration with our Rakuten Marketing team our goal is to make the marketer’s job easier.  With advanced online, offline, reach, and attribution capabilities, we plan to redefine what it means to be truly omnichannel.