Rakuten MediaForge Solutions

We'll work with you to craft a unique mix of campaigns designed to meet your objectives. Browse our solutions below based on your current goals.

Driving and Converting New Customers

Our customer acquisition strategies and tactics reach across channels and devices.

  • App Install

    Have an app? Let us seek out new users and drive installs. Once installed, our campaign specialists can implement segmented retargeting campaigns for your users.

  • Search Retargeting

    Narrow down the pool of potential new users with this unique acquisition tool. We match your key search terms to those also being searched by your potential customers.

  • Facebook Custom Audience

    Grow your online audience by capitalizing on the Facebook universe. Create an audience of existing or prospective customers based on any number of criteria, and find those users on the ultimate “sticky” site.

  • Audience Modeling

    Our media specialists will craft the optimal customer acquisition campaign, leveraging several different strategies including behavioral, contextual, lookalike and whitelist targeting.

Connecting With Your Customer

We can reach more than 98% of the Internet, leveraging inventory across the largest Exchanges, Networks, Publishers and Data Providers around the globe.

  • Traditional Site Retargeting

    You have a great site, but not all visitors convert on their first visit. Use our engagement-based ad technology and media buying strategies to reach and influence your shoppers, driving them back for conversion.

  • Cross-Device Retargeting

    These days your shoppers are here, there, and everywhere! But worry not; we’ll find, engage, and influence their behavior on whichever phone, tablet or computer they happen to be using at that moment.

  • Email Retargeting

    Make the most of those email openers! Running an Email Retargeting campaign alongside a Site Retargeting campaign can increase the return and conversion rates of your campaign.

  • CRM Display

    Your CRM file of current, expired or 1-time customers is an un-tapped resource of incremental revenue. We will find these customers online, serve targeted display banners and re-engage them with your brand and products.

  • Facebook Exchange

    The advertising inventory of Facebook (banners in the News Feed and Right-Hand Rail) is a beneficial addition to any retargeting campaign. A Facebook campaign can increase your retargeting reach, and engage users in a highly-focused online environment.

Cross-Channel Clarity

We have the reporting and technology to help you understand your customer's journey. We'll work with you to make smart, cross-channel decisions based on those insights.

  • Multi-Channel Attribution

    Rakuten Marketing is revolutionizing what it means to be “Omni-Channel”. In addition to multi-channel services and solutions, we provide clarity and insight across your marketing campaigns, going beyond the last-click methodology.

  • Offline to Online (O2O)

    Online display has a great influence on shoppers, and we know that influence extends to the offline environment. Let us prove that influence with our custom Attribution and CRM products.

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